It was a missed opportunity

I should like to congratulate those house owners who opened their gardens to the public the other weekend.

Monday, 25th June 2018, 9:00 am

The number and variety of gardens open do credit to the town, as they do to the gardening skills of the gardens’ owners – and to the baking skills of many of the owners’ partners, who put on a fine collection of cakes for visitors.

The catalogue of the gardens was very attractively produced – and to cap it all the sun shone for the day.

However, I must criticise the publicity of the event – namely discovering which gardens were open.

On contacting the lady organising the event (who had a county council e-mail address), I was directed to the Lily Pond to buy a catalogue – which is awkward if you are slightly disabled – or contact one of the open gardens (this advice was rather perverse, since I needed the catalogue to start with, to provide a list of the gardens!).

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Fortunately, I guessed that a friend would have his garden open and, indeed, he had catalogues for sale.

Why didn’t the town’s Tourist Office have them for sale? (They could have collected the money and passed it on, as, after all, like the organiser of the event, they too are part of the county council.)

The Tourist Office now sells books, etc, advertising the town and area.

A real opportunity was missed, and I hope next year the catalogues will be more widely available in the town for locals and visitors alike, especially from the Tourist Office.

Robert Steward