Inspired! music project on funding mission

After its huge success this year a Berwick-based music project is on another fund-raising mission for 2017.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 13:32 pm
Fraser Young at the Inspired! launch

Fund-raising and hard work last year led to Inspired! releasing an 11-song CD of original compositions called Kaleidoscope, as well as live concerts and a music video.

And now the race is on to raise more money for another project next year.

Project leader and music producer Iain Petrie said: “We need to raise £3,000 in the next two weeks before going to the Arts Council for the balance of the funding.

“We are looking for personal and business sponsorship and invite anyone who is interested to donate.”

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The music project has made a huge difference to the lives of the young musicians who have been involved and Iain wants this to continue and grow.

Fraser Young, 18, said: “I can only understate the effect Inspired! has had on my life. My confidence is through the roof. I’ve now realised that music is not only a hobby, it could be my life, and since Inspired! having finished, it just may become my life.”

Eilidh Campbell, 15, had just started her musical journey. She said: “It’s made a massive difference. I know I’m so much more confident. The way I do my own music has totally changed. I’d write songs, but I’d never show them to anyone or I’d never show them the lyrics as I never thought that I could get anywhere with it. I thought it would always be in a notebook. I think it’s amazing, everyone was so supportive.”

Steve Wilkes, deputy headteacher at Berwick Academy added: “It is an inspirational project which united students at school, developed the musicality of the students tremendously, and enhanced the self-esteem of the students involved beyond belief. Projects like this must continue.”

Donations can be made at or by contacting Iain Petrie at