Injury worry hits training runs

True to form, I have followed up last week's progress with a bad week.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 09:53 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 19:49 pm
A view of Springhill, captured by Laura Kay on a Great North Run training session.

And I am currently feeling extremely frustrated, and more than a little stressed, about the looming deadline of the Great North Run on September 11, which is scarily mere weeks away now.

I had hoped that this would be the week when I started tackling longer distances, with a vague aim in mind that between now and race day I would get a 10-mile outing under my belt.

I have heard many reports that it is not necessary to have previously run the whole 13.1 miles constituting the half marathon before the big day, not least because the atmosphere of the event itself will carry you through those last few miles.

Needless to say I am relying heavily on this advice and clinging on to the notion that if you know you can make it through 10 miles, then you can find the mental will to make it through those other three.

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Annoyingly, however, in my own training efforts I seem to struggle to make it past six miles – a long way from target.

This week was particularly frustrating because I had my first experience of real pain in my leg when running.

I suspect it has simply been an agitated muscle because stretching out throughout this week seems to have relieved it somewhat, but this was not reassuring at the actual time of running when all I could think about was how sore it was.

My lack of experience means I find it difficult to differentiate between general aches that can be worked through and those things that might be an injury that needs to be rested to prevent further damage.

I would hate to have any genuine problems so close to the event.

But I also know that I need to push myself to cover those training miles before the day itself – so far a dilemma I have yet to reconcile this week, instead leaving me with the aforesaid sense of frustration.

I have friends visiting this weekend, which will likely lead to giving my running legs a rest whilst my drinking arm instead takes a turn. Hopefully, a rest is what is required and I will be able to face next week with a smile on my face again, ready to do this.

If anyone would like to help the process along with words of encouragement, however, now may be the ideal time.

As ever, if you would like to sponsor me for the Great North Run in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society then you can donate online at

If you would prefer to give a cash donation these will be accepted at The Curfew – please just ask for my sponsorship form.