Hungry hogs are keeping us busy

All the hedgehogs are now beginning to wake up so they are keeping us busy with feeding and cleaning.

Sunday, 12th March 2017, 3:12 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:23 am
A tawny owl, ready for release after recovering from injury.
A tawny owl, ready for release after recovering from injury.

Thirty-two hedgehogs take some time to get round each day.

All the hogs that have just woken up are very hungry so we are using over a dozen tins of dog food every day.

It has been very helpful having people bringing in packs of food.

They prefer the cans of loaf, which also goes a lot further because when we use the meat in jelly, sometimes half the can is jelly. Hogs don’t eat the jelly.

They make too much mess and have very soft poo if they are given meat in gravy so we don’t give them that.

We need to give them plenty of nutritious food so that they can be released as soon as weather permits, but that is going to be Easter at the earliest.

The young swan collected from Eyemouth on Friday last was taken down to the river on Wednesday.

He weighed 7.7kg when he came into us and he has been eating a good bucket of food daily. We weighed him again just before Dick took him to the river and he was 9.2kg so he has made good use of his stay.

Dick also released one of our tawny owls. He has been with us some time, but we were waiting for a few days of relatively calm weather.

He has made a good recovery, although we like to give all birds with head injuries plenty of time to recover. The photograph shows him in the box, ready to go.

We have moved another tawny owl from the undercover aviary to take the place of the released one in the JD aviary. This will give this one more room to move about.

This bird has not recovered so quickly and is not flying so well. We are hoping a bit more space and being fully in the open air will help him to recover.

We are spending a bit of extra time having a good clear out in the big room and undercover at the moment.

People are very good to us, offering us all kinds of things, including small animal carriers. We do use quite a few of these, but we found that we had far too many of them so Victoria has advertised the surplus on the internet.

The money we make from these will be a useful addition to the funds. Thank you, Victoria.

I must also thank Jim, who has helped us to dispose of some ancient rusty metal panels and other stuff.

We had thought that it might come in handy for something, but it has not seen the light of day for many years.

The sparrows had made a horrible mess of the whole lot, but now, thanks to Jim, we have a nice clean space to use again.

It can be hard to just get rid of things because as soon as you do you find that you could have used it, but all of this stuff had not been touched for about five years by our reckoning.

Now we have started, it will be easier to do the rest.