Highcliffe play park facing delay due to town council issues

Fresh concerns have been raised about Berwick Town Council's ability to deliver projects due to internal difficulties.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 10:03 am
Highcliffe play area

It follows a vote of no confidence in Mayor Brian Douglas last month and a subsequent walk-out of the full council meeting that was due to follow in protest at his continued chairmanship.

It is understood many councillors are considering a repeat at the next full council meeting scheduled for November 27.

Coun Georgina Hill, who is seeking £25,000 match funding from the council for proposed improvements at Highcliffe play park, raised concerns about potential delays to the project at the local services committee meeting on Monday.

Clerk Gareth Davies replied: “It has to go to a quorate meeting of full council who can make that decision to sign off. Until we have a quorate meeting of council that isn’t going to happen, I’m afraid

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“I really appreciate the concern. It was evident at committee last time that people were keen on the project.

“There is a committee decision to make that recommendation to full council but in order to get approval it has to meet. We are governed by our rules and there is nothing more I can say.”

Coun Hill responded: “A children’s play park is being delayed because you can’t hold a full council and that is evidently of huge concern.”

Mr Davies said the play park will be on the agenda for the meeting.