Hedgehog's a hit with classmates

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Rollo Centre '“ well, in the recovery room to be precise.

Saturday, 8th December 2018, 13:52 pm
Rabbit with injured eye.

I went in to make a start on the daily cleaning and feeding routine and found an empty hedgehog cage with a sticky note saying ‘Gone to school’.

Blimey, I thought, they get a comfy bed and delicious food, but I didn’t know we were giving them an education as well.

But Kay had taken this particular little guy to Chirnside Primary School to give the children a short lesson on hedgehogs, the threats to their survival, and how the trust helps to support the local hog population.

The class had clearly been listening very carefully as the children presented us with a giant ‘hog hamper’.

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This was full of tins and pouches of meaty pet food, old hand towels for cosy bedding, and even newspapers for lining the hogs’ cages.

It’s great that children get to see a wild animal at such close quarters.

And it’s good for them to learn how they can play an important role in ensuring these shy creatures continue to thrive in the hedgerows and woodlands in their local area.

Most of the outdoor hogs in Hotchi Mews have settled down for their winter hibernation, except one which Kay says is still chomping his way through two bowlfuls of food a day.

Milligan, the hog who can’t be released into the wild and lives permanently in my garden because of a lung condition, is also determinedly toddling out of his box every day to stoke up for winter.

Today, though, he seemed more reluctant than usual, and waited in his doorway while I pushed the bowl towards him.

Any day now he will stop coming out altogether, and that will be him asleep for about four months.

Most of the hedgehogs in the recovery room are quite happy to be picked up for weighing and transferring into a holding box while their cage is cleaned out and their food and water are replenished.

The same can’t be said for the young adult rabbit that came in with an injured eye; this has healed and he’s now fighting fit – quite literally.

Jackie says the door has to be firmly shut and two people need to be in attendance to clean his cage as he flails and kicks wildly in a bid to escape.

He was all set for release late last week, but the weather was so wet and windy that he’s had a few more days surrounded by carrots, broccoli and sweet-smelling hay.

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