Gulls put to sleep after being shot

This week we have been swapping more of the hedgehogs round so that they can be '˜hardened off' in cooler pens.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 2:30 pm

At the moment we have 20 in these cooler cages preparing for release and 11 still in the recovery room waiting their turn to go.

We only have three hogs still sleeping. Strangely enough they are all girls – must be enjoying a lie in.

Next week they will start to go to their new homes. At the moment it takes two people a couple of hours to clean and feed them, and we shall need that time to clean, repair and move pens ready for spring and summer casualties.

That change is beginning to come about as we have had several gulls in which have had to be put to sleep as they have been shot.

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We suspect the idiots doing the shooting are doing so from bedroom windows as we get most of them when the weather is warmer and they don’t get too cold when firing.

It is illegal to fire any gun or an air pistol in a built-up area, and most of the wounded gulls come from Prior or town centre, so the law is being broken.

We mostly have to collect the gulls as lots of callers are afraid to pick them up themselves.

Last year 3,000 miles were done by volunteers collecting casualties, and this figure does not include rescues like last week’s when Dick picked up a bird on his way to work. Nearly all the shot gulls have to be put to sleep. That’s enough of my moaning.

Our three swans are all doing well.

One has a foot injury caused when it was attacked by dogs. This bird may need surgery later as the wound still looks swollen, but the bird is happy enough on the big pond with a dainty little swan that we recovered from a culvert.

When she first came in she had definite balance problems. We don’t know what caused this, perhaps the stress, but she is slowly improving.

The two birds are quite happy having the pond to themselves.

The third swan was found under power lines where there were two other swans, both dead.

It had one wing hanging and trailing. The vet had to amputate part of the wing and the bird seems much more comfortable now.

The vet has made a very neat job of the surgery. It is a very ‘talkative’ swan and lets us know he would rather we did not go into his pen at all.

He should make a good recovery.

We are planning an Open Day for Saturday, May 28. We shall be open from 10.30am to 2pm.

We shall have two tombola, one for adults and one for children, as well as a raffle. We have some great prizes.

We shall also have quizzes and competitions suitable for all ages. We are hoping to make it a really fun day.

We are trying to raise funds for an aviary for Errol, our resident tawny owl who has become our mascot.

He needs an aviary where he can see what’s going on.