Green light for Reston housing

Planning permission for five detached houses to be built at Braeheads in Reston has been granted despite objections from residents and the local community council.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 11:09 am
Planning news

The five homes will be built in a courtyard type arrangement - four of them set well back from Braeheads and the existing hedging to the north with the final plot sitting closer to Braeheads.

The 15 objections submitted to Scottish Borders Council about the development were based on density, water and sewerage issues and traffic as well as other concerns.

But when councillors at Monday’s planning committee meeting met to discuss the application they were recommended to approve it by planning officers.

Addressing residents’ concerns about road safety, assistant planning officer Paul Duncan told the meeting: “These concerns are exacerbated by the fear that the proposed access would ultimately serve as the vehicular access for the remainder of the allocated site.

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“This is not the case.

“The site requirements of the allocation for the wider site are clear that vehicular access should be taken directly from the B6438.”

Councillors eventually approved the plans subject to a number of conditions, several of them around drainage issues.

Pat Alexander, who spoke on behalf of local residents at the meeting, said: “Both Logan Inglis secretary of Reston Community Council and myself, on behalf of the residents, spoke as objectors to the application for the Braeheads houses.

“In granting this application the council ignored several of the requirements of the Local Development Plan relating to this site. I did point this out at the committee but the point was not taken up.

“The Local Development Plan should be considered by planning authorities when determining applications and it is a document consulted on with the public who should surely have a right to place some reliance on it when making important commercial decisions. If the council ignores the provisions of its own Local Development Plan what does that suggest about its status?”

Reston Community Council said in their objections: “The community council through consultation with neighbouring tenants to this application, have considered this application to be of great concern. Primarily a major concern is that of road ingress and egress to the proposed


“This road has been highlighted over the past 10 years to SBC roads department, Police and councillors, with the concern over safety. Several meetings have been held with SBC road safety engineers as well as police and representatives from the local primary school. The concerns raised have been of speeding vehicles, damage to property and parking.

“The road is unsuitable for widening or installation of ‘Passing Places’ and therefore we would not recommend the proposed ingress/egress point to the development.”