Good things come in twos at the kennels

Buddy and Berry are two very loving bearded collie crosses who we would ideally like to go to a home as a pair.

Saturday, 25th March 2017, 1:53 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

They are just over five years old, and brother and sister.

Although they will need some reminding of house training, things are looking good as they are very clean in their kennel.

We are looking for someone who will be home most of the day, and as they haven’t been around children, we would be looking for a home with over eights.

These two will need regular grooming, but again signs are looking good as they are happy to stand, or lie on their back with their legs in the air, to get lots of pampering.

We also have two Jack Russells that we were originally looking to rehome together, but may be happy in homes of their own.

Toby is a quieter older boy, around 12 years old, who loves his walks and to generally get lots of fuss. He is overweight at the moment, but with the correct balance of diet and exercise this will drop off over time.

Mitch is nearer to seven and again loves his walks. He’s not quite as overweight as Toby, but still needs to drop a few pounds.

Jack is another Jack Russell looking for a new home. He is under a year and a lively character. He needs an experienced home that will give him the training he needs.

Buster is a seven-year-old lhasa apso. He’s a smart boy that needs a home that will take things slowly with him. He is immediately friendly on meeting, but can be possessive around his toys and owner.

Charlie is a Yorkie type who just keeps getting overlooked. Like Buster, he needs time to settle and will definitely be better suited to an experienced female-only home. Charlie, like Buster, is not going to be an easy dog, but given time, patience, understanding and love, he will reward his owner.

We have a few super rabbits looking for homes, singles and pairs.

Do give us a ring and see if we have something to suit your home.