Golf round-up

A look at the results from the local courses

Thursday, 7th July 2016, 07:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th July 2016, 11:31 am
A charity golf day is being held at Ponteland.


Results from the North Northumberland Golf Lague last week were:

Division 1 – Berwick 6, Dunstanburgh 6; Alnmouth A 8, Rothbury 4; Alnwick v Bamburgh - no result.

Division 2 – Burgham Park 8, MFGC A 4; Seahouses 8, Alnmouth B 4; Percy Wood 4, Longhirst 8.

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Division 3 – Alnmouth Village 12, Wooler 0; MFGC B 7, Warkworth 5; Dunstanburgh B 6, Linden Hall 6.


Division 1 – Alnmouth A 52, Bamburgh 51, Berwick 41, Dunstanburgh A 37, Rothbury 32, Alnwick 27.

Division 2 – Longhirst Hall 56, MFGC A 50, Burgham Park 48, Seahouses 39, Percy Wood 30, Alnmouth B 29.

Division 3 – MFGC B 51, Alnmouth Village 47, Warkworth 44, Linden Hall 41, Dunstanburgh B 39, Wooler 30 .

NN Open days

Latest league positions are:

Gross – Dunstanburgh Castle 616, Percy Wood 564, Rothbury 556, Burgham Park 539, MFGC 521, Alnwick 520, Goswick 483, Warkworth 468, Seahouses 354, Alnmouth Village 345.

Nett –– Dunstanburgh Castle 781, Alnwick 770, Percy Wood 770, Rothbury 767, Warkworth 746, MFGC 714, Burgham Park 701, Goswick 687, Alnmouth Village 679, Seahouses 557.


It was the Men’s Club Championship on Saturday and results were: Gross winner was John Moffet on 140; Nett winner was John Moffet on 140.


Despite the indifferent weather of late, the Links are looking magnificent and receiving rave reviews from visitors and members alike. Special mention to those volunteers who have given their time and effort to repair divot marks.

Pro Comp Pairs: Winners AndyMcCreath and Peter Gautry with 46 points. Runners-up Ian Nevins and Alan Stevenson with 45 points.

Summer Meeting: Div 1 – 1st Duncan Mckinlay 83-12-71, 2nd Dave Wilkinson 82-11-71, 3rd Graeme Henry 75-4-71 (all separated on count back). A raft of players came in with nett 72 – Myles Wilson, David Charlton, Keith Turnbull, Ivan Martin, Cam Mitchell and Ian Gordon. Div 2 – Jordan Turnbull 85-14-71.

Holmes Wilson No 8: Jordan Turnbull continued his good form by winning on 41 points. 2nd David Chidley 39 points, 3rd Ian McNeil also with 39 points.

Lynch Staunton No.4: won by Gordon Steven with 41 points, 2nd David Howden 40 points, 3rd Mike Dagg 38 points.

Jean Nicol Trophy: 1st Bobby Minshull 38 points, 2nd Ann Short 34 points and 3rd Susan Marshall 33 points.

This coming Saturday) is Lynch Staunton No 5 and on Sunday Captain Peter Gautry takes a team to play Linden Hall in a friendly match.

Magdalene Fields

The ladies EGWA winner on Tuesday was Evelyn Burn 101-20-81. Margaret Mcmurchie had the lowest gross score 100-17-83 for second, and third was Kathy Douglas with 116-28-88.

Friday’s Safe Remedies 12-hole winner was Alan Scambler on 26pts (07), Donald Findlay was second on 23pts (07) and John Rutherford was third with 33pts (05). No twos were recorded.

Saturday was the Josh Morton Memorial and there was a fantastic turnout with 90 people taking part. Kara Yule won the ladies 38pts (08), June Rae was second 31pts (23) and Evelyn Burn was third with 28pts (20).

Paul Purvis won the men’s on 34pts (08), Mark Hodgson was second on 34pts (04)and Ewan Fyvie was third with 34pts (08). A total of £261 was raised for Berwick Cancer Cars and the club would like to thank everyone for taking part and their kind donations.

On Sunday, the men’s and ladies monthly medals were played in tricky conditions.

Margaret McMurchie won the ladies 97-17-80, Kara Yule was second 87-07-80 and Evelyn Burn was third 102-21-81.

Gregor Cummings won the men’s with 76-08-68, Kevin Atkinson was second with 74-05-69 and William Parkin was third with 90-20-70.

Wooler Ladies

B Tatters Memorial: 1 V Symons 36pts, 2 P Tatters 34pts.

Margaret Cowens Trophy: 1 K Brydon & S Lamb 38pts, 2 P Tatters & A Brown 29pts.

Ping competiton: 1 S Brown & B Spencer 43pts, 2 S Curle & K Brydon 35pts.

T R Johnson Trophy: 1 P Tatters nett 144, 2 S Curle nett 146.

June 9 Hole: 1 A Brown - 16pts, 2 K Brydon 15pts.

Nesbitt Cup: 1 K Brydon 39pts, 2 P Tatters 34 pts.

June Midweek Stableford: 1 K Brydon 35pts, 2 B Spencer 34pts.

Ladies Seniors Open (Waltz): 1 H Allan, S Temple, F Hall 68pts (bb9), 2 A Spence, D Cairns, J Steele 68pts, 3 J Davies, P Batey, G Macdonald 67pts. Nearest the pin - H Ranson. Longest drive - J Wade.