Get behind our town

Following the recent establishment of the Berwick Regeneration Commission (BRC), I have asked for the following letter to be re-printed with the aim of asking our town folks to get behind and fully support this new BRC group.

Saturday, 30th December 2017, 8:00 am

Yes, it could be another one of those groups that is set up, gets everyone’s expectations up, but eventually goes nowhere.

But dare I say it, this set-up is, and will be, different to anything gone before, with accountability promised should it go pair-shaped like some of the other previous attempts.

As a Berwick resident who has paid very close attention to our town’s stewardship over the last seven years I write to offer my congratulations to all our new town and county councillors.

Everyone within the town is aware that there have been problems in our council, especially over the last three years, which have had an extremely adverse and detrimental effect on the way our council is perceived, both here and at County Hall.

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I say, it’s time for this to be addressed if our town is to stand any chance of moving forward.

It is most evident to me that there is a tremendous amount of passion for our town, as individuals within various groups have made that most evident.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, this passion appears never to been harnessed properly, with the groups not working together to move Berwick forward.

This has ultimately left our town feeling that it has missed out or been held back in some way.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask/beg all parties of our town to consider drawing a line under past issues and to make every effort as our town moves forward to communicate efficiently and effectively with one another.

Berwick faces a lot of challenges ahead and if they are to be dealt with properly, and in the way our town deserves, then we all need to be talking to one another.

Berwick most definitely has the heart and the assets to build its economy into one that would see our town flourish, lifting the aspirations of all who choose to call Berwick home, especially the youngsters of our town.

Let us all get behind this new council and push to put Berwick firmly back on the map again.

Congratulations to all, and wishing you the very best for the future of our town.

Mr B Darling