Get a suitable '˜bodyguard'

To truly represent the people, Mrs Trevelyan, Berwick's publicly-funded Member of Parliament, must go to actually meet the people in their own environments.

Monday, 6th August 2018, 09:00 am

She should not, as she and her party’s constituency chairman, using the ever-present get-out words of ‘security’ and ‘female’, seem to wish to prefer, make the people, especially the people in a large constituency such as Berwick-upon-Tweed, have to muster their finances to put themselves out to travel to Alnwick and/or Berwick to meet with her.

My politics are nowadays independent, but I came to Berwick 41 years ago having been the Scottish Liberal Party’s secretary for Edinburgh and the entirety of the Lothian region.

One of my early voluntary duties was to transport Berwick’s then MP Alan (now Lord) Beith in a small campervan to dozens of village halls and other places.

This was done so that, despite the vast number of male politicians (and female politicians such as Liverpool’s splendid Labour MP Bessie Braddock) who over the years suffered insults, rotten eggs, death threats and even worse, Alan could go round the constituency to meet with not only those who elected him, but also anyone else who wanted to meet with him.

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I acted as both Alan’s chauffeur and his bodyguard.

Admittedly, as a 6ft 2ins rugby player, weighing 17 stone, I probably was at least visually suited to playing the part of Alan’s bodyguard as he toured the constituency that elected him.

Surely the Berwick Conservative Association has at least one person within it who has a driving licence and is of such stature and who is willing to do the same for Mrs Trevelyan?

Or doesn’t it?

E Sutherland-Loveday