Geordie comedian set for Berwick Auction House show

Gavin Webster, the Geordie alternative stand up comedian of 25 years, is well underway with his '˜World Tour'.

Saturday, 3rd November 2018, 14:19 pm
Updated Saturday, 3rd November 2018, 15:03 pm
Gavin Webster

From someone who didn’t exactly start his comedy adventure with great aplomb, he has gone on an amazing journey that’s taken him round the real world and back.

“At first I didn’t know what I was doing,” Webster says quite openly. “It wasn’t like today where you can watch Live At The Apollo or look at a Dave special or buy a DVD of your favourite comics and base your style somewhere around what they do, there was nothing like that, you just had to plough your own furrow, I was into Monty Python, Les Dawson and Tommy Cooper and my Dad had got me interested in Victor Borge, Tom Lehrer, Chic Murray and Bob Newhart, I can always thank my late Dad for my style being an amalgam of all that.

“Also in the North East we had Bobby Thompson who was a working class bloke doing observations but with loads of surreal twists and that seems to have a hold on Geordie humour which is a brilliant thing. I just knocked out a style which I think through my naivety and lack of stand up knowledge was quit original.”

Since those shaky beginnings he’s done gigs from Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi, Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur and done TV shows that have been beamed out across the world.

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“There’s some stuff broadcast in America and Australia I’ve still never seen to this day,” he proudly says. “After a TV show in Australia I had a legendary night in a hotel involving a load of people but the main protagonists were me, Lee Mack, Alan Carr and a very confused Peter Fonda.

“I haven’t got time to tell you the whole story but I will one day, it’s quite surreal. I think Alan tells it in his book but he misses loads of bit out for obvious reasons!”

Gavin Webster is live in Berwick Auction House tonight, November 3.