GCSE exam success for Berwick Academy

Berwick Academy students have celebrated success in the GCSE examinations with 15 students, who took the recommended maximum of 10 GCSEs, achieving a pass or above in every exam.

Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 14:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 15:19 pm
Berwick Academy, headteacher Alexis Widdowson

Five students also opted to study for an AS Citizenship qualification in their own time and all achieved a pass.

Noah Herriott deserves particular recognition for an outstanding performance in every subject (3A*,7A) and is hoping to go on to study sciences at A Level. Francesca Hall achieved the highest grade, A*, in 4 subjects and an A grade in a further five.

Other notable performances were achieved by Isla Frame (1A*,7A), Megan Bruce (1A*,6A), Jesse Holloway (1A*, 6A), Alicia Wallace (1A*,5A), Katie Gray (1A*, 4A), William Laws (4A*, 1A), JJ Petrie (7A), Shani Wood (6A) and Millie Trotter (5A). Yasmina Slaoui, in year 9, achieved an amazing 61/61 in all 3 examined components in her GCSE French exam 2 years early, achieving an A* overall.

However, success is not always about the highest grades. A number of students are to be commended on consistently exceeding expectations. Consistent hard work paid off for Tegan Miller, Romaney Kidd, Sarah Wallace, James Thompson, Sam Dixon and Craig Heath.

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Kerensa Baird, Head of Year 11, said: “There lies a story behind every set of results. We have students who find getting to school a struggle and achieve despite difficult circumstances. Ninety-nine per cent of our students achieved three or more GCSE passes. This achievement has enabled our students to take up a range of education options post 16. We have students that have secured apprenticeships in childcare, mechanics, agriculture, joinery and hair and beauty. We have students that are joining the armed forces as well as students that are pursuing more academic routes, heading towards Russell Group universities. We are immensely proud of all of our students and wish them luck with whatever the future has in store for them.”

Headteacher, Alexis Widdowson, praised the efforts of students and thanked staff for their hard work, particularly over the last six months. She was particularly pleased with the improvement in science subjects and the gains in the focus areas of computer science, history and foreign languages.

She said: “As the Government’s demands for a more academic curriculum continue, we have had to adapt and respond. Our students are tackling an increasingly more challenging curriculum with 98% of pupils now taking both English Literature and English Language compared to only 65% a year ago.

“In Science more of our students are taking 2 or more GCSEs and the number achieving a C or above in 2 Science GCSE subject has increased by 5%. The performance in Biology, Chemistry and Physics improved sharply, most notably in Chemistry where 52% of students achieved A*/A and 92% achieved a grade C or above.

“We also saw significant gains in Computer Science, History and Modern Foreign Languages which have been areas of focus over the last 12 months.”