Further bus shelter vandalism in town

Berwick Town Council is to investigate the costs of repairing vandalised bus shelters.

Saturday, 10th February 2018, 06:45 am
A vandalised bus shelter on Main Street, Tweedmouth.

Perspex panels on six bus shelters on Prince Edward Road and Main Street in Tweedmouth have been smashed in recent months – the latest near Homebase last week.

Town clerk Gareth Davies said: “I’ve had discussions with the police about it and their view is that the damage is caused by adults returning home after a night out.

“It is not economic to continue repairing bus shelters only for them to be damaged on a regular basis but it is possible to harden bus shelters to prevent damage occurring so easily.”

Councillors have now asked for the various options and associated costs be examined. These include polycarbonate panels – the material used in riot shields.

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Coun Brian Parkin asked that other local councils be approached to find out what steps they had taken to mitigate the problem, while Coun Alex Gibson said the broken Perspex panels should be removed and possibly replaced with Perspex strengthened with a cross-section of metal welded on. He also said he was planning to undertake an inspection of all 28 bus shelters in the town.

Coun Brian Douglas said it was time to ‘stop pussy-footing around’ and said the council should consider a reward to catch the culprits.