Fresh plea for council re-think on site

The co-creator of a petition opposing plans for offices on the former Kwik Save site has appealed to county councillors for their help.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12 February, 2016, 11:00
David Blackburn

David Blackburn, also a member of Berwick Town Council, has written an open letter to members of Northumberland County Council outlining his concerns about Arch’s plan for the Walkergate site.

He reiterates his personal view that offices are not needed in the town centre and that the proposed development is a missed opportunity to create better facilities for tourists.

‘I was elected on a ‘fight against offices on Kwik Save site’ ticket,’ he said. ‘I was the founding member of the movement to stop the madness and raised over 1,000 signatures within five weeks and obtained signatures from 106 town-centre retail businesses, including 15 national chains, that did not want offices built in the town and preferred a coach park to bring more tourists into town.

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‘Everyone had a better idea about a better use of the site that would properly benefit the community. My idea, and the most commonly viewed idea, was to create a small play and leisure park for shoppers, a public convenience, visitors’ reception and coach park.’

In the letter, he goes on to accuse the council of behaving ‘with total contempt of the wishes of the working class people of the town’.

‘Our town needs your need your help,’ he adds. ‘Spend less and achieve more by giving our working class people what they want and what they need.’