Forum volunteers celebrate milestone

The 20th anniversary of the Berwick Voluntary Centre was celebrated with a tea and cake reception at its Tweed Street base.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 13:50 pm
George Scott, Lord Joicey and Jane Pannell at the North Northumberland Voluntary Forum 20th anniversary celebration.

The organisation is now known as the North Northumberland Voluntary Forum in recognition of its wider geographic coverage.

A number of representatives from the voluntary and community sector came together to mark the occasion.

President, Lord Joicey, cut the cake and gave a short speech recalling his involvement as a driving force behind the development of a designated community and voluntary centre.

Vice-presidents Terri Bearhope and David Francis also attended, along with former chairman George Scott, Coun Catherine Seymour from Northumberland County Council, the MP’s representative Tom Forrester and former mayor David McClymont, who opened the building 20 years ago.

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Jane Pannell, chairman, said: “It’s astonishing just how much the context for our work has changed over the period.

“In 2014, I took over as chairman of the board and we’ve continued to build on the strengths and developments over time.

“It’s a truism that in this day and age, a third sector organisation that stands still is an organisation that’s destined for the scrap heap.

“And so we’ve continued to develop and refine the services that we deliver – and we’ll continue to develop into the future – we have plans!”