Follow the adventures of struggling prince

A Berwick author and illustrator has published her second book.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25 December, 2018, 16:20
A Cumbrian Prince by Leah Ingledew

Leah Ingledew’s new children’s book, A Cumbrian Prince, was published by Austin Macauley last month.

The story follows David, who struggles to live up to his father’s expectations.

After losing his family, David goes on a journey of discovery that influences his future and the future of his country.

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Leah’s first children’s book, Ugly Ollie, was published at the beginning of the year. Poor Ollie struggles to fit in after hatching. He isn’t like the other ducklings, and he feels rejected by everyone he meets. Join Ollie on his journey to discover who he really is.

Leah’s work is often influenced by her family and surroundings. She also has an interest in the hidden meanings of fairy tales and their importance in children’s development.

You can buy the book online and it is also available in paperback, hardback and ebook.