Fly-tipping case puts New Road in the spotlight

Calls have been made for a footpath along the River Tweed in Berwick to be given the care and attention it deserves.

Sunday, 18th February 2018, 07:26 am
Cleaning up on New Road back in 2010.

The New Road path, also known as Lovers’ Walk, is popular with walkers and joggers and widely regarded as one of the town’s best assets.

However, concerns about its upkeep have been raised by Berwick Town Council following a recent case of fly-tipping.

Coun Robert Bruce, speaking at a local services committee meeting, said: “The county council has problems getting vehicles along there to clean the waste so it’s just being left. It’s something that needs to be resolved.”

Coun Alex Gibson added: “We have wanted litter bins there but if the county council can’t get there, they aren’t going to do it.”

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Coun Brian Parkin said: “I don’t think it’s acceptable that a popular part of the town is totally left for people to throw rubbish or fly-tip because the council can’t get past with a buggy. If they can’t do it that way, they need to think of another way.”

Coun Brian Douglas said he thought the council had permission from Castle Hills Farm to use the access road to Whitesand Shiel.

“It is possible to take a vehicle down there,” he said.

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “We carry out periodic checks on this lengthy path, and undertake litter picking when required.

“It is a difficult area to access other than on foot, and so permanent litter bins are not a suitable solution.

“We have tried a number of bespoke vehicles and trailers but none of them could negotiate the path.

“We have also looked at the route mentioned via private land, but this would not have provided any further access than at present.

“We have discussed this issue with the town council in the past, and intend to continue with the present arrangements and in addition to our routine checks will respond quickly to any littering issues as and when they are raised with us.”