Fed up with the saga of the A1

I wonder if any other readers are fed up with hearing the never-ending story of the A1 and if, when and how it will become a dual carriageway.

Sunday, 9th April 2017, 08:00 am

I can remember what has happened with the sections already completed and the total frustration caused to motorists.

A dual carriageway is only of any use if you can use the extra lane to overtake vehicles but more often than not that extra lane is taken over by traffic cones. To make matters worse, you will find nobody working there to add to the frustration.

I put a letter in the Advertiser a few years ago when we had the cones on the Alnwick bypass for around half-a-year, which, surely, must be a record.

After my letter appeared in the Berwick Advertiser, the cones were moved two days later – coincidence?

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Stewart White