'˜Fantastic pets' are too often overlooked

Sometimes it is obvious why certain dogs stay with us a while '“ woe betide you if you're a dog that is black, brindle or has a bit of Staffie '“ but sometimes it is not so obvious.

Friday, 9th February 2018, 13:24 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

At the moment we have a few smaller dogs in that although not great with children, will make fantastic pets in the right home.

Frankie joined us before Christmas. He is a very cute looking fluff-ball, probably with some type of shitz tzu or lasa apso type in him. A happy lad, who can be possessive of his toys, a little bit of give and take with him goes a long way.

Another small to medium dog is Teddy, apparently a ‘jug’. To the uninitiated, that is apparently a Jack Russel cross pug, but to us he just looks a character. He has some good basic training and is such a clever lad that he would do really well at agility.

Again, sadly he can’t go to a home with children or to a household with too much ‘to-ing and fro-ing’.

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Kita has been with us a little while now. She is a Staffie-cross and a beautiful red colour. She is bright, and if she doesn’t get the right guidance she has a tendency to go off the rails, but she excels at behaving herself in the right hands. She loves to learn, really enjoys her walks and might make a good running partner too.

She has had some issues with other dogs, but this was in a multi-dog household; with the right introductions she is doing really well. Recently, she was at the beach and another dog ran right up to her face, she was impeccable (unlike the other dog).

Our cattery is full. We have lots of friendly black and white, or even white and black cats, tabby, tortoiseshells and tabby and whites.

They are mainly youngsters, aged one to three years, and there are a couple of pairs, but all want homes where they can be loved and love in return.

We still have a few rabbits, both singles and pairs.

Although we have a few coming up for a year, we also have some that are four or five. Surely these deserve a home as much as others.