Errol's aviary fund gets a boost

The first update this week is about the swan that had undergone surgery to remove part of its wing.

Sunday, 17th April 2016, 9:23 am
The swan who had part of his wing removed is recovering well.

The vet removed the dressing this week and we could let the swan back outside. We were pleased to hear this as the bird seemed to be getting depressed in the undercover pen. He was eating very little and was sitting in a corner, moving little.

We opened the gate and let him into the outside little pond pen, and within half an hour he had had a good bath and was enjoying the grass.

He looks so much better now. It will not be long before he can be released. Since he will not be able to fly, we will release him on the river, where he will be able to live a satisfactory life.

The swan rescued from the culvert is almost normal now and is enjoying the big pond with the swan that was attacked. They are getting on very well together and we hope we can release them together later.

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We have had several new admissions this week, but sadly, all have either died or have had to be put to sleep.

Later this week we shall be telephoning people who brought in hedgehogs and would like them back. Then we shall be going down our list of other sites we can use for release. All the hogs are doing well, but we still have two that are asleep.

Now that the weather is a little warmer, we are doing repairs and alterations to pens. Here, I must thank Brian, who comes in almost every Wednesday and tidies the garden, cuts bread and gets rid of rubbish. We sometimes don’t see him for several weeks, but we are very grateful for the jobs he does. We do appreciate his help.

We have received two letters this week. One was from the Worshipful Company of Dyers in London, with a donation of £500.

The other letter was not addressed to us, but to Mr Errol Owl. When we read it for him, we found that a very generous lady had given him £1,000 to have an aviary built. We were absolutely thrilled.

Errol is the one exception to our rules, which are that we rescue, rehabilitate and release, so we thought we should fund-raise for his aviary separately from other donations as some supporters may not agree with keeping him. Now we don’t need to worry as the money was given especially for this project. The cost has not come from BSWT funds. Jim is designing a des res for Errol.

We are still making preparations for our Open Day on May 28, and towards this we shall organise a spring clean weekend to get rid of all the rubbish that has accumulated over the winter. We keep lots of things that might come in handy, most of which don’t. We can give our cages a good wash outside.

The weekend is good as it brings volunteers together and we try to make it as enjoyable as possible. I make rolls, soup and cakes for everyone during breaks as there is so much of the heavier work Kay and I can’t do. It’s very annoying getting old.