Equip your kids with cyber sense, says PCC

Equip your kids with cyber sense before they log on to their new devices this Christmas.

Monday, 18th December 2017, 07:08 am
Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Dame Vera Baird

That’s the message behind a new campaign, from Northumbria’s PCC Dame Vera Baird QC and the Force, aimed at protecting children from online sexual exploitation. Parents and carers are urged to take on board advice from sites like Get Safe Online.

Dame Vera said: “It is essential that we invest time in educating children around the dangers which exist online. Almost four in five 12 to 15-year-olds and one in three eight to 11-year-olds own a mobile phone and most have the freedom to access anyone through many different online platforms. This also means that many people can access them in return, often anonymously.

“This issue adversely affects too many lives in the North East and across the country. That’s often because offenders are highly manipulative; they can use violence and fear, blackmail or make the child feel guilty, worthless or that they have no choice. They are skilled at targeting and grooming young people. Often this online abuse can connect to offline abuse.

“By educating our young people from an early age, we can make sure children fully understand that non-violent relationships are healthy and normal. This education can be from within the home and at school. I would fully encourage parents and carers to take a look at sites like Get Safe Online to see the advice available.”

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Get Safe Online CEO Tony Neate said: “If you decide to treat your child to a new smartphone, watch or tablet this Christmas, make sure you go through the set-up with them so all the security options are put in place properly.

“Take time to explain to them that having a pin and security software on a phone or tablet is just as important to protect their new device as putting a case on it is to protect it if it’s dropped.

“Another handy trick is to plan time in to do the set-up before you wrap the present so you don’t have to interrupt the fun when they unwrap it on Christmas Day. Add it to your list of things to do, like you would batteries for other electronic toys.”