Eight medals for Berwick team at National Championships

A team of five kids from Berwick’s TF Fitness gym travelled to the British National Gi and NoGi Jiu Jitsu Championships held in Wolverhampton.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 2:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 2:04 pm

First up this year were the juvenile blue belts, Ewan Lowrie took to the mats against a four-time Kids Pan Am Champion in the opening fight of the day.

In his debut blue belt fight, he held his own, only losing the gold by points, thus picking up a silver medal

Jevon Leighton had to go up a weight division to get an opponent. In reality, he was fighting a lad nearly 10kg heavier than him, however, not fazed by this, he submitted his opponent by a heel hook in just 53 seconds, picking up a gold medal and a national title.

This qualified both boys to the absolute division but freed them up to help the younger team members.

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Hayden Ainslie had the largest division and had only just moved up into that age category. He had three fights, winning the first by an excellent arm bar while 11-0 up on points, the second by points but unfortunately was submitted via a choke in the final – winning a very hard-fought and well-deserved silver.

The only girl in the team, Tia Gibson, had just been promoted to yellow/white.

She was 9-0 up on points but, with only 17 seconds left on the clock, she was unfortunately submitted by an armbar when the referee stopped the match for her safety. However, this won the bronze medal and the chance to do absolute.

Cody Leighton, competing at yellow/white and up an age for the first time. He was in a group of four, submitting his first opponent via an armbar triangle but losing his second to an armbar. It won him a bronze medal.

The teens were then up again in the absolutes. First up was Tia and she won her first fight by points but lost the final through being choked, but a well-earned silver medal.

Ewan and Jevon were the last ones competing at the end of the day in a group of nine. First up was Ewan who won his first fight by points but then was submitted via an arm bar when his elbow popped twice which left him requiring medical attention. The bronze meant a second medal for Ewan.

Jevon was the last on the mats – he won his first by points and then went on to compete in what the organisers described as the best fight of the day. Unfortunately, Jevon lost the decision, but a bronze meant a second medal for Jevon and the eighth for the team.