Donations are a lifeline for trust

Firstly, I must thank everyone for all the very kind donations of newspapers, hand towels, dog food, and dried mealworms, for which we are really grateful.

Saturday, 24th February 2018, 12:04 pm
Two ducks stealing lettuce.

We use these items up very quickly, especially with all the hogs that we have in our care this year.

The donations help us so much and it’s lovely to keep in touch with everyone when they call in with these goodies.

This week has been small bird week.

I think I have mentioned before that things seem to come in together and this week it has been the turn of smaller birds.

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We had a male blackbird brought in after it had been attacked by a cat.

The bird had some nasty claw wounds on its back, which caused a hole in its vest.

It had also lost part of its tail.

It is undergoing a course of oral antibiotic at the moment so has to be kept in a small cage so that we can catch the bird easily to administer the medication.

He is in the recovery room, which is kept nice and warm because of the 12 hedgehogs that are currently resident there.

We did wonder if he could fly as one of his wings was a bit down, but today I wasn’t holding him firmly enough when Kay gave him his medication and he slipped through my fingers.

He flew right round the room, causing Jake and Cynthia to duck as he whizzed round.

He eventually had to be lifted down from the top of the high cages, where he finally landed.

So at least that’s one thing we don’t need to worry about now.

He has several more days treatment left, but after that we can move him to a bigger cage.

He will still have to stay indoors, but once his holey vest has mended we can get him used to the cold again. Feathers soon grow, thankfully.

This is one of the birds that would make good use of the new aviary, which is currently being built by Jim, with help from Peter.

The junior department of Longridge Towers School raised the money to buy the materials for this new aviary for smaller birds.

It will be officially opened on our next open day on Saturday, May 26.

Another little bird brought in after being caught by a cat was a little Jenny Wren, but, sadly, this poor little thing was not so lucky and did not survive.

I would, however, like to end with some good news and that is that our two ducks, who are very naughty birds, have been found a new home.

They are going to be living with chickens, geese and goats, and I’m sure they will soon be bossing them around as much as they rule the pond here.

The picture this week shows our two cheeky ducks stealing the lettuce that is really meant for the swans.

Next time I will be telling you about the swans.