Dogs must have tags, collars and chips

It was a busy weekend at Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels, with lots of the animals going out to new homes.

Friday, 5th October 2018, 12:15 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Unfortunately, as we were overfull, it has just eased the pressure on the staff and volunteers, rather than releasing places for other animals to come in.

We did, however, have a few strays coming in. Thankfully, they were all returned back to their owners.

We are always pleased when strays get back to their owners, but they do take up valuable time.

Although it is now, of course, a legal requirement that all dogs must be microchipped, it is also a legal requirement that dogs (other than dogs actually working) have to have a collar and tag on.

These tags mean that a dog doesn’t have to come into kennels and wait to be collected by an owner. The finder can return it direct to the owner, which is bound to be less stressful for dog and owner alike.

Although Gem, the Staffie pup, quickly got the offer of a new home, sadly the very lovely Toby is still with us.

He is such a sweet boy, and although we are aware of his history in his previous home, we think this might have been an understandable blip as he was in a lot of discomfort from his ears. Although, we would prefer him to go to a home without children, he really is going to make the most fantastic loyal and loving pet.

Buster is a medium-sized terrier type looking for a quiet, easy-going home as a single pet, where he can live out his retirement.

His eyesight is not great and he’s pretty deaf, but he loves his walks and being cosy and warm in bed.

We are getting ready to prepare hampers for our Christmas Raffle. We will be having a luxury food hamper, wine hamper, kids’ hamper, pamper hamper and animal hamper.

If you have any items that we could add to them, we would appreciate them being dropped into either our shop (marked Christmas Raffle) or kennels.