Do taxpayers foot the bill?

Firstly, it was a wonderful letter, Summing up state of politics, by Mel Shaw, (Berwick Advertiser, November 22).

Sunday, 2nd December 2018, 08:00 am

I especially liked the quote, ‘An elephant is a mouse built to Government specification’.

Secondly, ‘Repairs to leaking roof have not yet been done’ reported an article in the same edition.

Well, well, well, a pile of council taxpayers’ money sitting idly alongside the Castlegate car park leaking money as it wastes away.

All that Berwick’s parish (sorry, town) council’s impressively wigged and gowned clerk can say is that a vast number of roofing contractors have said of his request of them to repair it that they don’t want to know.

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Why? Well, the clerk doesn’t tell us, but one can but guess that maybe the answer lies in another article on the same page, namely, ‘Repairs carried out to civic chains’.

This informs us that, during a trip recently held nearly 400 miles from Berwick, in the city of Southampton, by the 15 people who, including the Sheriff of Berwick, make up the high-sounding, but ineffective National Association of the City and Town Sheriffs of England and Wales, it has been agreed that Berwick parish (sorry, town) council authorises the sum of £30 to be paid to a local jeweller in Southampton who repaired Berwick’s Sheriff’s chains.

Why was the jeweller not paid when he did the work and what right has the town council not to authorise that payment be made?

Perhaps Berwick’s travelling to Southampton and back, chain-enveloped Sheriff will tell us who paid for the 800-mile round trip to Southampton and back, the hotel bill, and the charity and other payments involved.

Hopefully, it was not Berwick’s parish (sorry, town) council taxpayers.

E Sutherland-Loveday