Devastated by the loss of pet

I refer to the letter by David Luis Spencer-Barclay about the terrible death of a cat, (Berwick Advertiser, July 26).

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 09:00 am

I have since made contact with him regarding his correspondence in which he detailed the tragic killing of our beloved pet cat Oscar, on Friday, July 20, in Hide Hill.

Mr Spencer-Barclay witnessed the killing of Oscar, whereby a motorist ran him over in the middle of the road and did not even stop to inspect the damage they had caused.

Mr Spencer-Barclay went on to assist Oscar by holding him at the roadside until his passing, some minutes after the incident, before taking Oscar to his home and dignifying him with a burial.

Worryingly, cats are not listed as an ‘animal’ under the Road Traffic Act 1980, section 170. If they are involved in a collision with a car the motorist is, therefore, not legally obliged to stop.

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Whilst this may be the case, I do wonder what sort of morally abhorrent person would not stop to inspect the injuries they had inflicted on what was clearly someone’s much loved pet, given that this incident took place in a town centre environment?

We are eternally grateful for Mr Spencer-Barclay’s unparalleled kindness and compassion.

Through his actions and communications, he has provided the closure we have needed after what has been a very distressing time for my family and I.

Oscar was completely loved and the most gentle cat I have ever known. He was our only pet.

As you can imagine, I am wholly devastated by what has happened and I cannot begin to imagine the immense suffering my boy experienced before he passed and was so cruelly left to die with his injuries.

He was an indoor cat who enjoyed sunbathing on the windowsill of our townhouse in Bridge Street. I think the warmer weather tempted him outside and ultimately led to his untimely death.

He was supposed to celebrate his sixth birthday on August 12.

Our beautiful boy will be greatly, greatly missed. I’m not convinced our home will ever be the same without him.

Madison Smith