Details of transport projects for 2019-20 in north Northumberland

Improvements to Alnwick town centre and hundreds of thousands of pounds to repair bridges in north Northumberland are part of the Local Transport Plan for 2019-20.

By Ben O'Connell
Thursday, 07 March, 2019, 12:02
Pothole patching

The draft plan, which has been discussed at the five local area councils during February, is due to be finalised soon and sets out how £18.6million of government funding is to be spent in the county.

That overall figure is split into £2.4million for integrated transport schemes, £1.5million for maintenance of A-roads, £4.6million for maintenance of minor roads, a £2.5million surface-dressing programme, a £930,000 micro-surfacing programme, £2.2million for bridges and other structures, £860,000 for landslip works and £490,000 for public rights of way.

In terms of integrated transport schemes, in Alnwick, there’s £20,000 to provide level surfaces on a pedestrian route on The Cobbles plus another £20,000 to continue design work and consultation on potential schemes for town-centre streetscape improvements, incorporating Narrowgate and Bondgate Within.

There’s £5,000 for the first phase of replacing the steps with a ramp to provide disabled access to the footbridge at Steppey Lane in Lesbury and £35,000 to complete the creation of a footway at Craster Tower.

Also for pedestrians, there’s £70,000 for a new footway linking Greyfield Estate to Woodsteads and at Dovecote Close in Embleton, £76,000 for a new footway between the Collingwood Arms and the bridge in Cornhill and £5,000 for a footway on Eglingham Bridge.

There’s also £5,000 for the first phase of a crossing on Victoria Terrace in Alnwick, £2,000 for new bus stops in Hadston, £20,000 for various works – agreed following public consultation – in Boulmer and £5,000 for phase one of potential improvements to the B6344 Black Burn Bridge, near Rothbury.

Traffic-calming measures are planned at Christon Bank (£50,000) and Percy Drive in Amble (£5,000), while £330,000 is assigned to improve safety at high-risk sites and this is set to include three sections of the A697.

In the bridges programme, £250,000 is earmarked for phase one of re-waterproofing and refurbishment of Berwick Old Bridge, £300,000 for the strengthening/refurbishment of Ford Bridge and £100,000 for similar works at Holburn.

Here are the rest of the proposals for north Northumberland:

A-roads maintenance

A697 north of Fishersteads – £200,000

Ord Road, Tweedmouth (drainage channel) – £90,000

A1167 Golden Square, Berwick – £180,000

A1167 Sunnyside, Tweedmouth (footway) – £30,000

Minor roads maintenance

B6341 North of Hepplewoodside bridge – £90,000

B6353 Lowick to Fenwick – £110,000

B6345 Adj. to Acklington Mart – £60,000

C182 Whitton Bank Road, Rothbury – £45,000

B1330 Togston Road, Togston – £70,000

B6470 Norham to Salutation Inn – £90,000

C99 Church Street, Amble – £100,000

B6346 Market Street, Alnwick – £60,000

U111 Union Brae, Tweedmouth (footway) – £35,000

U3142 Alwynside, Alnwick – £70,000

C172 Farnham Moor to Sharperton – £100,000

U3043 Dial Place, Warkworth – £35,000

C390 Newton Hall to The Chesters, Swarland – £80,000

C78 Littlehoughton village – £60,000

B1342 Station Road, Belford Station (footway) – £50,000

U3142 St Thomas Crescent, Alnwick – £100,000

C426 Billendean Terrace, Spittal Phase 1 – £150,000

U3020 Crowlea Road, Longhoughton – £30,000

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U3147 Beech Estate, Shilbottle – £35,000

Surface dressing

A698 Donaldsons Lodge to Cornhill – £60,000

C176 Snitter to TrewhittHall – £91,000

C90 Lemmington Bank to Battle Bridge – £80,000

C20 East Learmouth to Mindrum – £60,000

B1340 Lamberts Lonnen to Christon Bank – £40,000

C80 Denwick to Peppermoor – £55,000

C8 Salutation Inn to Shoresdean – £65,000

C11 Grindon – £45,000

B6525 Ancroft to Oxford – £90,000

B1339 Embleton North Farm to B1340 junct – £35,000

B6341 Bilsmoor Bank to Elsdon – £50,000

B6341 Broomhouse Roundabout to Heiferlaw Bank – £75,000

B6341 Thropton to Flotterton – £85,000

C95 Eastfields Hall to Warkworth Station – £28,000

Micro surfacing

A1068 Percy Drive Rbt, Amble to Togston East Farm – £80,000

U116 Hiveacres, East Ord – £40,000

B6345 Acklington Village – £33,000

C68 Main Street, North Sunderland – £55,000

U116 Goldstone, East Ord – £35,000

U109 West End/Blakewell Road, Tweedmouth – £20,000

U2026 Southfield Avenue, Seahouses – £25,000

Landslip improvements

B6351 west of Westnewton (haunch failure/retaining wall movement) – £30,000

B6353 Lowick to Fenwick (verge erosion) – £300,000

B6341 Rothbury to Thropton (haunch failure) – £150,000

Public rights of way

Alnwick – Peter’s Mill bridge refurbishment – £10,000

Berwick – New road path surface improvement – £25,000

Rothbury – Lover’s Walk revetment and surface improvements – £30,000

Warkworth – Riverside surface improvements/revetment work – £10,000

Ben O'Connell, Local Democracy Reporting Service