Demand is growing for limited cat spaces

We've had a few rabbits in this week, all female and around three years old.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 12:50 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

They’ll be spayed shortly and will ideally be looking to go to homes with neutered males of similar ages.

This can be a good time to get a rabbit as you can spend more time with it indoors and really start creating a good bond.

We still have many mature cats looking for homes. They are all friendly and have so much to give. We have a huge waiting list of cats needing spaces and as winter goes on and people worry about ‘strays’, the spaces will be needed more.

If you do suspect a cat is a stray there are things you can do, or not do.

Unless it is visibly underweight, and in which case needs to see a vet, please don’t feed it. Feeding is the quickest way to encourage a cat to keep coming back and to keep it away from its owner.

If it’s friendly and you can get it into a basket, speak to a vet about getting it scanned. Online there are printable collars to put on the cat to make the owner aware that it is visiting other homes for food. This isn’t a reflection on an owner as cats are always hungry.

Two beautiful tabbies are Clive, who is super fluffy and friendly, around eight, and Heidi, who is in double figures. She suffers from cerebral palsy, but doesn’t let it affect the way she approaches life. She always has time to let you know how her day is going.

We’ve still had no enquiries about boxers Reggie and Ronnie, Toby the springer-cross, Gypsy the kelpie-cross, and Bonnie the labrador-cross.

We’ve been joined by a young springer Molly. She can be timid, especially around men, but once she gains confidence can be over-confident so a good balance needs to found. She needs regular and consistent training, something to stretch her mentally, as well as physically.

Our AGM is on Thursday, November 15. We look forward to welcoming supporters at 7pm, at the North Northumberland Volunteer Forum in 5 Tweed Street, Berwick.