Definitely not improvement

So according to Perryman's Buses, it has improved the town service in Berwick, (Berwick Advertiser, January 5).

Friday, 13th January 2017, 8:00 am

All I can say is if it thinks this is an improvement, it must be on another planet.

You used to be able to get a bus direct to all the supermarkets in the town from every area. Not now you can’t.

No direct service from Prior Park to Morrisons. Improved? No.

You can’t get a direct service from any of the main estates to Tesco. Improved? No.

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Until the changes you could get a bus from the West End to Asda. Not now you can’t. This may not sound much, but please remember the post office is located in Asda and there are a few older people in the West End area who used to use this service to get their pensions. Improvement? Definitely not.

So maybe the planners from the company that owns Perryman’s need to have another look at their services. Either that or we need another company to step in and provide an alternative, then people could vote with their money and use that instead.

I would be interested to know what other people in the town think.

John Thompson