Couple celebrate 72nd anniversary

A North Sunderland couple celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary earlier this month.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 3:34 pm
Christopher and Audrey Hutchinson on their 72nd wedding anniversary.

Lt Col Christopher and Audrey Hutchinson (nee Robson) were married at St Batholomew’s Church in Whittingham on June 12, 1946.

Christopher was born in Bamburgh Hall in 1922 and later moved to Callaly.

Christopher Hutchinson and Audrey Robson's wedding in 1946.

Following Anthony Eden’s call to the nation on BBC radio on May 14, 1940, Christopher had hopped on his bike and rushed from Callaly to Whittingham police station, where he was one of the first volunteers to register for the Local Defence Volunteers (later to become the Home Guard).

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One year later, he volunteered for the Army and began training as a tank crewman, fighting in North Africa and Italy.

Christopher served a total of 38 years in the Army which took him and his family all over the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium and Naples, Italy.

Audrey was born in Hedgley in 1923, then moved to Whittingham where she met Christopher. She was an accomplished teacher, pianist, actress, artist, you name it, and entered into Army life with gusto. She taught in Army schools and became the Girl Guide Commissioner for South East Asia and Guide Chief in Belgium.

They have five children, 10 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Christopher is now 96 and Audrey is 94. They were delighted to receive a congratulatory message from the Queen for this huge achievement.

Two years ago, Christopher had said the secret for a lasting marriage was to ‘marry a pretty and intelligent woman’, while Audrey replied ‘tolerance from us both.’