Councillors shelve idea of taking on bus shelter advertising

Berwick Town Council has been told it will not face a £2,000 bill for bus shelter advertising space.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 11:17 am
Empty advertising boards at the Golden Square bus stop

The council had received non-domestic rates invoices for all eight Adshel bus shelters in the town.

The rights for renting out advertising were owned by Adshel but the lease ended in February 2015.

Clerk Wendy Pattison raised the matter with the valuation officer and, in turn, Northumberland County Council.

Mrs Pattison, speaking at last week’s meeting of the finance committee, said: “The £2,000 charge has been waived as long as we leave them exactly as they are. We don’t have to remove them.”

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Councillors had previously asked if the council could take on the advertising work and rent out the space to advertisers, although doubts were expressed as to whether it had the resources.

But Mrs Pattison said: “If we want to advertise in them then we would have to pay.”

Councillor Alex Gibson felt it would be better to remove the advertising space from all the bus shelters.

Concerns had also been raised that they might become easy targets for graffiti.

Councillor Gregah Roughead wondered if promotional pictures of Berwick or murals could be used instead but was advised this would still be considered an advertisement.

Mayor Hazel Bettison said: “I suggest we leave them as they are. We might be in a position to look at it again in the future.”