Council is keen to help the high street

Empty retail units in Berwick town centre could be brought back into use for start-up businesses.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16 November, 2018, 08:08
Empty shop units on Marygate, Berwick.

Berwick Town Council is keen to develop a retail incubator project where a vacant property would be sub-divided to make them more affordable to tenants.

Clerk Gareth Davies, outlining the project to councillors, said: “The need to identify solutions to the problem of vacant retail properties in Berwick’s commercial areas, particularly Marygate, is a longstanding issue.

“It is a proposal to sub-divide a vacant property to enable retail entrepreneurs to start up or maintain businesses that would not be able to sustain operation in larger, more costly units.

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“They could be sub-let into fruit and veg, specialist meat and cheese, coffee.

“We know there is demand for that kind of thing in Berwick.”

The council is seeking to explore potential partnerships.