Consider the residents

I write in response to Coun Hill's letter about the Highcliffe play park, (Berwick Advertiser, July 26).

Monday, 13th August 2018, 9:00 am

As I stated, relocate the multi-gym for the older youths at the skate park, which is not that far away.

The park has a small incline and the proximity to the railway line is not an issue as there is play equipment already there. If it was a problem it would have been shut down long ago.

I’m afraid to say that to me, Coun Hill lacks vision, imagination or respect for the residents who live within the vicinity of the play park.

To mix older youths with toddlers and juniors in such a confined space in the middle of the estate is a recipe for disaster for parents and the young ones. We’ve seen it all before.

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When Flagstaff Park was reformed, the lower level was for the juniors and the upper level was for toddlers and it works very well, with the help and advice of people in the know helping out.

The residents that face onto the park are approximately 15-20 yards away.

All Coun Hill talks about is equipment for the youths, no consideration for residents.

She mentions about keeping it away ‘from my backyard’. She can talk about keeping things from backyards as she made enough noise about a coach park being placed in Chapel Street.

Alex Gibson