Conservation help wanted at Cocklawburn

Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership is holding two conservation days on March 21 and March 28, from 10am. It is looking for a team of volunteers to help clear out the rubbish from the Scremerston gun emplacement at Cocklawburn beach and prepare the interior for the removal of the graffiti. The aim is to make it a more pleasant environment.

Saturday, 18th March 2017, 7:20 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:54 am
Volunteers at the Cocklawburn war shelter.
Volunteers at the Cocklawburn war shelter.

Booking is essential. To book your place, email [email protected] or call 07557 326797.

Peregrini volunteers have been researching the history of the coastal defences in the area, and have discovered that the Scremerston Gun Emplacement was a key part of the defence against the threat of Nazi invasion. Working in tandem with Newtown Gun Emplacement (at Budle Bay), it would have provided enfilading fire to Holy Island across Cheswick and Goswick beaches, and inland to the East Coast railway line and the A1. Research continues into the type of gun used and the teams who would have manned these guns.