Condition is dreadful

I think it is about time the local council was given some praise.

Saturday, 19th March 2016, 8:00 am

I think it is great that it is doing so much to help the local garages, tyre services and car parts suppliers.

This can be the only reason it has allowed the local roads to degenerate to such a dreadful and dangerous condition.

All over town, and on the surrounding country roads, there are pot holes and large areas of broken up surfacing that are almost impossible to avoid, which, of course, is very damaging to cars when they are constantly driving over these holes.

As well as the potholes, most of the pointless speed humps all over town are needing repair, which means money that should be spent repairing the road will be wasted on fixing the speed humps.

No doubt if, or when, the potholes are attended to, the council will just patch up the holes, rather than doing the repair properly, which would work out cheaper in the long run.

John Crombie