Concerns raised over two-lane carriageway

Traffic concerns about Golden Square in Berwick have been raised with Northumbria Police.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10 February, 2016, 11:38
Concerns have been raised about traffic at the Golden Square roundabout in Berwick.

Local resident David Spencer-Barclay outlined his concerns when senior police, including Chief Constable Steve Ashman, and Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird attended a recent meeting of Berwick Town Council.

He said: “Motorists are forming two lanes of traffic in a lane only designed for single carriageway. What’s happening is that vehicles are having to go into the other carriageway.

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“I have raised it with Inspector Davy Garrick and the previous chief constable and submitted photographic evidence of continual illegal activity by these motorists but the police don’t seem to be willing to do anything about it. Does there have to be an accident before anything is done about it?”