Competitive spirit is creeping in

I'm not quite sure how it has happened, but I have managed to notch up another decent week on the running front.

Sunday, 7th August 2016, 12:14 pm
Laura Kay after the Friends of the Union Chain Bridge run.

Not only that, but I have another mini medal as a reward for my efforts after taking part in the inaugural Friends of the Union Chain Bridge 7k run, which commenced from Paxton House.

As the attached photograph of my tomato-looking head post-race indicates, I did not find the cross-country route particularly easy, but despite protests from my ankles when heading across some of the bumpier ground, I managed to keep going to the end.

There seemed to be a good turnout for the event, with a number of local running clubs making a great show.

We were lucky with the weather, missing out on the torrential rain, which would have made an already muddy course even more hazardous.

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There was also a shorter 1.8k race for any younger runners who wanted to get involved, which also looked to be great fun.

Hopefully, the organisers thought the event was enough of a success that they will organise something similar next year – if only because now I have set myself a race benchmark I would like the opportunity to beat it.

I had never considered myself to be overly competitive, but the few race events I have now competed in have led me to consider the possibility that I have got a greater desire to win than I first thought.

Of course, I have no illusions about ever being in a position where I may come first in these races, but I am driven to improve against myself and continue attaining those personal bests.

I’m delighted to say that the app I use to track my training progress has this week informed me that I have attained a new personal record for running both the furthest distance and the longest duration cumulatively over a month.

I am happy that this reflects the fact that I am sticking with this running lark, even though I still do not find it easy and constantly battle with myself to find the motivation to keep at it.

I continue to be petrified by the looming deadline of the Great North Run itself, but have been reassured by others who will also be running it that I am not alone in feeling unprepared, despite regular training.

With just over a month still left, however, I’m determined to make the best use of my time and hit the ground running come the day.

If you would like to sponsor me for the Great North Run in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society then you can donate online at

If you would prefer to give a cash donation these will be accepted at The Curfew – just ask for my sponsorship form.