Competition for sheep farmers

The Glendale Agricultural Society is inviting entries for its flock competition.

Wednesday, 27th June 2018, 3:27 pm
Ian Murray, Glendale Agricultural Societys Head Livestock Steward.

Judging will take place in the week of July 9, with the prizes presented at Glendale Show on Monday, August 27. To enter, call Ian Murray on 07711 478813 or email

The area of Glendale is renowned for sheep, and this competition is open to farmers across North Northumberland, from Morpeth in the south to the Scottish Borders.

Sponsored by Harbro Ltd, the competition has two categories - large flock and small flock - with a first and second prize for each.

In order to assess how well the flock is managed, visits undertaken by the judging team will last an average of 1½ hours, and entrants will be asked to present one individual field of sheep for judging.

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This year, the competition will be judged by Mark Gray of Broom House Farm, Witton Gilbert Durham, who farms and operates a flock of 2,000 commercial sheep.

On announcing details of this year’s competition, Ian Murray, Glendale Agricultural Society’s Head Livestock Steward and Organiser of the Flock Competition, said: “As a society, which built its foundations on showing sheep when it was established over 125 years ago and continues to do so today, we really feel that it is important to highlight the work of the people within the industry and that is exactly what this competition is intended to do.

“This competition is open to all sheep farmers across Northumberland, so we are really keen to hear from pedigree breeders, commercial sheep farmers and shepherds with a commercial flock. It is how you get the most out of your flock that we are looking for.”

Taking into account farm type, size and management practices, entrants will be judged on the presentation, standard of the stock, stockmanship and how effectively they manage their flock. The judges will look at the steps taken by the farmer to maximise the opportunities for their flock, how the flock integrates into the whole farm business and the flock’s overall commercial performance and profitability.

The inaugural GAS Flock competition, held in 2015, saw Large Flock and Overall Winner being awarded to Charlie Armstrong and Shepherd Mark Goldosky, for the 1,200 ewe Beulah flock at Fenton and Doddington. The Small Flock Class Winner went to Michael and Nicky Gray, of Low Espley, for their 230 ewe Beltex cross commercial flock and 35 pedigree Blue Faced Leicesters. Roly and Rob Telford’s Mule ewe lambs, at Branton East Side, received the special prize of Best Field of Sheep.

“We are delighted to launch our second GAS Flock Competition, as the sheep industry is integral to farming in this area and a very important element of the show. As a world – renowned sheep producing area, with so many tremendous flocks, this will certainly be a very interesting and challenging competition,” concludes Ian.