Comforting to know you care

I am writing to say how much I appreciate your carrying that factual letter by now-retired family GP Dr James Hunter Mitchell, (Berwick Advertiser, August 9).

Saturday, 25th August 2018, 1:00 pm

I recall Dr Mitchell qualifying and coming to Berwick, where he worked with namesake Dr JC Douglas Mitchell in Ravensdowne.

Somewhat local, coming from Burgham, he was an expert in angling, which was his delight, but ‘Dr Jim’ always adhered to protocol and his watchword was ‘the patient comes as the priority’.

A man with a lovely sense of humour – when I see him from time to time, we’ll exchange witty remarks about his ‘gun’, a pipe he carried for a year on giving up smoking. Dr Mitchell likened it to a comforter.

Unfortunately, gentlemen such as Dr John Watson and Dr Bruce Love are out of the town after retiring.

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A few kind words by Dr Watson to me following my late mother’s demise were the kindest to fall on my ears.

If per chance you read this Dr Watson, those words of comfort were immensely appreciated, more than you will know.

Sadly, all of us Berwickers were downhearted, heartbroken and at a loss when the NHS downgraded a busy little hospital to its now status, but the staff will do a superb job for us sick and ageing.

Thankfully, we still have dedicated doctors in the area, albeit some of them are retired.

Yes, decidedly a wrong move by the NHS to downgrade Berwick Infirmary.

Thank you all doctors, it’s a comfort to know you all care.

Hope you catch a whopper Dr Mitchell, you deserve it.

Eric Allen