Coastguards save the day

A dog was rescued by coastguard officers after getting stuck halfway down steep cliffs at Burnmouth.

Thursday, 21st April 2016, 1:09 pm
Jake the dog reunited with family after being rescued from cliffs at Burnmouth.

Jake went over the edge of the cliffs while chasing rabbits last Thursday afternoon.

Coastguard teams from Eyemouth, Berwick and Dunbar assisted and Brian Bowden abseiled down the cliff to rescue the dog.

Gail Johnston, a paramedic, said she was mortified at having to call the coastguard but there was no other option.

She said: “I was out walking on the coastal path at Burnmouth, with my daughter Laura, our new pup Clyde and my sister Sarah’s dogs Jake and Harley.

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“When we turned to come home, Harley and Jake took off, I think after some rabbits.

“Harley returned after 10 minutes, but Jake did not come back at all.

“I shouted and whistled for him for 45 minutes. I went over the fence to look but I didn’t dare venture too far.

“We had no choice but to return home, put Harley and Clyde in and go back out to look for Jake. My mum came as well.

“We went down to the foot of the cliffs, I was fearing the worst. Laura, who is nine, started walking along the beach,.

“She had only gone about 100ft when she shouted to say she had heard some crying. I did not hear it, but heard the tinkle of a bell, all our dogs have bells on their collars.

“I looked up the cliff face and my heart went into my mouth when I spotted him about 100ft up. He was well and truly stuck.

“There was no way I could climb up, it was too steep and dangerous.

“I phoned the coastguard and apologised firstly for bothering them, but they were great.

“Eyemouth and Berwick Coastguards turned up and Brian Bowden abseiled down the cliff face to rescue Jake. The only injury he has is he’s lost one of his claws.”

Gail was expecting a lot of leg pulling when she returned to work the day after, as she is a paramedic at Chirnside Ambulance Station!