COACHES: Is this route now safe?

Is short-term memory loss endemic (or convenient) among those who campaigned against the Church Street coach parking facility?

Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 05:22 am

We were assured that routing coaches via Church Street and into Chapel Street was an accident waiting to happen.

Yet, now we learn there is to be an extension to the Walkergate coach drop-off bay to allow longer term parking there.

So how do coaches leave Walkergate?

Why, presumably, unless there has been a magical invention to enable coaches to seamlessly execute a three-point turn in the middle of Walkergate, via Church and Chapel Streets – the very same route declared unsafe not so long ago.

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I also cannot help wondering whether the provision of alternative coach parking at the leisure centre is a case of good money following bad.

I presume the costs of creating the Chapel Street parking lot will have to be written off.

Has anyone bothered to ask coach operators, or drivers, whether they would use an area so relatively remote from the town centre, and whether its provision would actually encourage them to stop off in Berwick?

Colin Wakeling,

Berrington Lough