Club's plans for the Five Arches to be discussed

A public meeting is being held to discuss plans for the Five Arches playing field in Tweedmouth.

Thursday, 7th September 2017, 08:16 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:32 am
Coun Robert Bruce, centre, with concerned residents at Five Arches in Tweedmouth.

Tweedmouth Community Football Club, formerly Tweedmouth Amateurs, wants to redevelop the pitches it currently leases from Northumberland County Council.

The first phase of its plan, if funding can be secured, would involve the installation of a rail and perimeter fence around the pitch and four 15-metre tall floodlights.

This is in order to meet league entry requirements but would also protect the pitch from damage, for example through vehicle tyre marks, and prevent dog fouling.

Les Fletcher, club chairman, said: “We’re an ambitious football club and we want to climb the league ladder. We want to get from the Border Amateur League to the East of Scotland League in three to five years but we can’t do that – or host potentially lucrative Scottish Cup games – until we meet the entry requirements.”

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The second phase would see the refurbishment of the adjacent play park. Phase three would see a new fit-for-purpose clubhouse built.

However, the club has met opposition from a group of local residents, led by Coun Robert Bruce, who fear losing a valuable open space.

He said: “We have no problem at all with the club sharing use of the space but this park is for the whole of the population, and it must remain open for all future generations.”

The pitch would remain open for everyone during daylight hours but concerns have been raised about the 1.8metre fence and the loss of greenfield space if a car park and clubhouse are built.

But Mr Fletcher responded: “We felt a clear-the-air meeting was important to present the facts properly.”

It is at Tweedmouth Bowling Club on Wednesday, 7pm.