Chaos on roads in Coldingham

The planned weekend closure of the A1 road at Houndwood caused chaos on Saturday, and it had to be re-opened under a convoy system.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 09:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 16:03 pm
There was five hours of gridlock in Coldingham after roadworks closed the A1 and traffic was diverted through the village.

On Saturday morning irritated motorists took to Twitter to vent their anger and warn other motorists to avoid the area after it became obvious that the diversion via Coldingham had overwhelmed the village and the narrow roads around it.

“Took 55 mins to get from Eyemouth through Coldingham just now, took nearly two hrs to get home,” said one.

“Complete nightmare, been at a standstill for over an hour,” said another. “Traffic lights aren’t working and locals directing cars round a tiny village.”

Another motorist said: “Sitting in ridiculous traffic on Reston Road with articulated lorries all around me and no body moving. Why are such large vehicles allowed through the village?”

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The road was due to be closed on both Saturday and Sunday but the diversion was scrapped on the Sunday.

Further roadworks and diversions are due this weekend - August 18 and 19 - at the Reston and Ayton junctions and local politicians John Lamont MP and Rachael Hamilton MSP have asked Transport Scotland to come up with alternative plans to avoid a repeat of last Saturday’s chaos.

Rachael Hamilton MSP said: “The A1 is a vital route through Berwickshire and on into East Lothian and Northumberland. Transport Scotland need to seriously reconsider their plan of action to avoid significant disruption this weekend.”

“Businesses and residents do not want another weekend of upheaval. It is simply not fair on them, especially when an overnight closure could be implemented instead.”

John Lamont added: “I have written to Transport Scotland again to urge them and Amey to learn their lesson. Given the total chaos last weekend, it is clearly time for a rethink.”