Cats and rabbits of all shapes and sizes

We have some lovely rabbits looking for homes.

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 1:06 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels
Berwick animal rescue kennels

They are all friendly and a variety of shapes, sizes and colours – pairs and singles, small and not so small, aged from a year up – there is probably something to suit everyone.

Funny Bunny had a bit of a tough time before coming in. Sadly, her hutch had been attacked and her companion died. She has come on so well and is so friendly and inquisitive. She, of course, couldn’t go to a home with any resident dogs or dogs nearby.

Although we have a quick turnover of cats, not sooner does one go than three come in. Merlin, black and white, and Arthur, tabby and white, are 18-month-old litter mates. Ideally, we would like them to go to a new home together, although for the right home they could be separated.

Milo came in at the same time and is just a youngster at eight months. He is a very pretty ginger tabby.

We have lots of black or black and white cats, including some who are very friendly and loving, and longer-haired ones.

We have had Suki and Spritzer, two black, white and ginger, cats with us for a while. They are lovely cats, very bonded and very friendly.

Suki loves to be outside, whereas Spritzer likes to be tucked up, nice and warm and cosy. They are now 10 years old. One recently had an upset tummy so we separated them to see which it was. They were very unhappy apart so we cannot consider re-homing them separately as to do so would be unkind. Have you got room for this lovely pair?

We recently advertised a cat as found, she even had her picture in the paper, but no one came forward so she was put up for re-homing. Fortunately, despite being lovely, she didn’t get re-homed and her owner came forward after almost four weeks.

Please consider microchipping you cat, it could save a lot of heartache if you cat goes missing. Although it won’t necessarily help you find your cat, it will help your cat find you.