CAT: An appalling lack of care

I write in this instance to bring to your attention the appalling tragic death of a little cat on Friday, July 20, at approximately 11.20am, at the intersection of Hide Hill and Silver Street.

Saturday, 28th July 2018, 6:56 am

I hope the driver who injured the cat is proud of himself/herself in driving away, which I believe is in contravention of the Wild Animals Act 1961 that states that no suffering may be caused to a creature like this.

Don’t worry, I did the right thing. I rescued the cat from the middle of the road and put it in a safe position and allowed it to die in my hands.

I am grateful to a passer-by and to Edwin Thompson staff for kindly obtaining a black bag so that I could put the little cat’s body into it so I could take it home and give it the dignity of a burial at my home.

Has the driver thought that there may be a broken-hearted child and family unaware that their cherished pet had died in this appalling way?

David Luis Spencer-Barclay