Call for greater focus south of the Tweed

A town councillor has called for Tweedmouth and Spittal to be given their share of attention so they can look their best.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 9:46 am
Five Arches Park

Coun Karin Graham felt much of the focus of the Berwick in Bloom team and the local services department was north of the river.

“We must not forget Tweedmouth and Spittal,” Coun Graham told Berwick Town Council’s local services committee. “There are areas which are very shabby where some things might make a difference.”

Clerk Gareth Davies said that much of the county council’s priorities in recent years had been the restored Castle Vale and Coronation Park.

However, he said there had been talks about floral works to improve the gateway to the town from Scremerston.

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He said the county council was also planning works around the Five Arches area over the next 12 months.

“We can feed back to them that we would like to see a greater focus on communities south of the river as well as those more central,” he said.

Coun Alex Gibson pointed out that a new wall had also just been built on Prince Edward Road which had really enhanced the area. Planting is also to be carried out.

Coun Georgina Hill, county councillor for Berwick East, added: “Historically the other side of the river has not had enough attention but that is changing now.”