Busy days keeping little hogs awake

Sometimes as winter approaches we seem to have lots of hedgehogs and a few swans, with not much to write about.

Saturday, 1st December 2018, 12:06 pm
Swans in the pond.

This year it is a bit different as we have a good variety of local wildlife to report about.

Our hedgehogs are in varying stages of sleepiness.

We are trying to keep the little ones awake until they are hibernating weight, while hoping that the bigger ones outside nod off quickly.

When they go to sleep they have dried food, which is changed each week and they don’t make any mess.

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It was chilly in the rain this morning, feeding and cleaning the ones that are determined to stay awake.

We have a very energetic wild rabbit with a sore eye. She has to have eye drops in each day and an oral antibiotic so it is taking two fit people to deal with it.

The amount of fur it deposits on the anchor person in the medication process is hard to believe.

We have been telling the volunteers that its all good experience for them.

Our Claw and Talon Room has been occupied by three birds this week.

A sparrow hawk with wing damage is another difficult patient.

Kay has several puncture wounds, received when moving the bird to a clean cage.

A barn owl that was very easy to deal with some days ago has recovered well from his RTA and makes a dive as the cage is opened.

A tawny owl that sat in a huddle last week is due to move out to an aviary to test his wings, instead of doing circuits of the room when he dodges the towel used to grab him whilst his cage is cleaned.

The swans and cygnets are all doing very well.

In fact, our two swans are becoming very friendly, which is nice to see.

The cygnets are growing up well and two are already getting lots of white feathers.

As I was doing their food buckets today two of them were on the edge of the pond, flapping their wings in unison hard enough to lift their feet a few inches off the ground.

It’s amazing the draught they cause when two of them try it.

As well as looking after this lot, we managed to organise a Christmas Fair at the weekend, and thanks to everyone who came along.

We made a total of just over £1,000 when everything was totted up.

I have a few more thanks now.

Firstly to another Mrs Rollo, who came along to play the pipes for us.

She was really good and managed to get some donations whilst she was playing.

I must not forget my granddaughter Caroline (Jasper), who took one of our notice boards along to the end of the street to persuade people to come along.

Thank you to everyone who came along to help or worked some lovely craft items for our sales table. Thanks also to Berwick Baptist Church for the use of its hall, which is always nice and warm and just the right size.