Businesswomen outline their challenges and successes

Hilarie Tucknott, national president of BPW UK, welcomed delegates to conference at Newcastle. Furthest travelled was international president Jasmin Darwich, from Mexico, and vice president Amany Asfour, from Egypt.

Friday, 19th May 2017, 9:00 am

Amany hoped everyone would meet up in October at BPW’s international conference in Cairo. Jasmin brought news from the Committee on the Status of Women discussion at the United Nations.

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Hazel Stephenson, Lord Mayor of Newcastle, spoke of women of influence, such as Dame Allen who set up a school. This linked well to speaker Hilary French, Head of Newcastle High School for Girls.

Lynne Hobson aims to inspire young women to take an interest Parliament as its outreach officer, Nikki Gott spoke of her work inspiring business people, Sarah Miller talked of the difficulties faced by women when setting up businesses, and Jo Curry outlined the services of Changing Lives. Emily Cox, from Virgin Money, spoke of research that show women in business get out before achieving their potential.

The highlight was the lecture by Dr Manisha Hadi, from Kabul, who spoke of the challenges facing Afghan women. Sue Ashmore, regional president, thanked her for her lecture.